Guests of 2013 edition


noimage_150x150Tomasz Bergmann

Mulitmedia artist, cameraman, photographer, musician, video-art director, performer. As a photographer he cooperated with most of polish magazines such as Playboy, Twój Styl or Elle.





150_bernsteinSteven Bernstein

Trumpeter, slide trumpeter, arranger/composer and bandleader from New York City. He is best known for his work in The Lounge Lizards, Sex Mob, Spanish Fly and the Millennial Territory Orchestra. Sex Mob’s 2006 CD Sexotica was nominated for a Grammy. He wrote for many artist such as Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, Darlene Love, Elton John, and Marvin Pontiac. Most of his works were recorded at Tzadik of John Zorn.



noimage_150x150Marcin Cecko

Poet, performer, photographer. Since 2009 he cooperates with young theatre director Krzysztof Garbaczewski.





150_chlewinskaIzabela Chlewińska

Dancer, choreographer and teacher. She specializes in movement improvisation and dance theatre. She graduated in rhythmic, piano improvisation (at the Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź) and culture management in the European context (at the Academy of Music in Cracow). During the Festival she presented a show called Tralfamadoria prepared with Israeli choreographer and dancer Arkadi Zaides.



noimage_150x150Krzysztof Garbaczewski

Director, graduated from Krakow school of arts. The winner of prestigous award “Paszport Polityki”. He debuted in 2008 in Jan Kochanowski Theatre in Opole. Directed “Odyssey” in Marcin Ceckis adaptation.




noimage_150x150DJ Lenar

Employing a number of turntablist techniques, DJ Lenar uses samplers, loopers and turntables. His musical pieces are in fact a kind of sonic collage, creatively filtered through the history of music, with which he attempts to dialogise. DJ Lenar creates harmonies utilising looped samples of archaic folk tunes and fragments of contemporary classical music.



noimage_150x150Boris Malkovsky

Composer, pianist, arranger, producer, musicologist and master of the classical button accordion, the bayan. Boris Malkovsky’s compositions vibrantly reflect the broad scope of his experience, weaving together Jewish, classical, Gypsy and jazz elements to create a challenging, uplifting, moving and humorous musical journey that propels the listener along a road full of surprising twists and turns. He records his albums at Tzadik, John Zorn.



noimage_150x150Marcin Masecki

Pianist, composer, conductor, member of the independent label Lado ABC, leader and participant of an astounding variety of projects. Winner of many awards such as Masecki is widely recognized as a leading figure in the polish independent music scene. He cooperated with artists such as Macio Moretti, Raphael Rogiński, Tomasz Stańko, Andrzej Jagodziński, Pink Freud, Waglewski/Fisz/Emade, Tomasz Pokrzywiński, Ziv Ravitz and Candelaria Saenz Valiente.



noimage_150x150Plasticiens Volants

Street theatre company. Who with their extraordinary flying inflatables creatures, have invaded heavens, streets and squares of towns throughout the five continents. They are one of the most popular street theatre groups in whole Europe. One of their most spectacular shows is called Big Bang. With a show Comediants they closed a ceremony at  Olympics in Barcelona.



noimage_150x150Joanna Rajkowska

Contemporary artist who came onto the Polish art scene in the 1990s. Her most famous work is the 15-meter-tall (50-foot) artificial palm tree installed on Warsaw’s Aleje Jerozolimskie, called “Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue”. Rajkowska describes the sense of her activity as building relationships with other people. She often only sets up the context of a meeting, allowing it to be an open experience. She usually engages a number of people as participants, and she also uses herself in her work. For example, inSatisfaction Guaranteed, her body was symbolically consumed by other people.



noimage_150x150Raphael Rogiński

Guitarist, composer and performer, improviser, cultural animator and student of musical folklore. His search into the Jewish musical tradtions bore the fruit of two projects: the ensembles Shofar and Cukunftof which of, Rogiński is the leader.




Swobodnoje ProstranstwoSwobodnoje Prostranstwo

Unique Russian theatre group from Orei. Created 35 years ago in an invention of Jurij Kopyłow. In 2012 they were awarded by the president for artistic achievements. In the past six years, on the stage of this theater held premieres of pieces written by Polish authors Slawomir Mrozek (including “Tango”), Andrzej Stasiuk (“Night”), and less than a month ago was place where the Russian premiere of “White marriage “Tadeusz Różewicz.




Patryk Zakrocki and Paweł Szamburski are musicians, improvisers and animators. From 1999 they actively create contemporary music and art programs. They were leading many events such as Galimadjaz or Djazzpora.




Teatr Ósmego DniaTeatr Ósmego Dnia

One of the oldest alternative theatres in the world, and It can be still found among the most interesting artistic phenomena. During the times of communism, due to plentiful conflicts with the authorities, the group was perceived as a phenomenon mostly political.




150_tigerlilliesThe Tiger Lillies

Extraordinary three piece band from London. Fronter by singer Martyn Jacques who trained himself as an opera singer, accompanied by drummer Adrian Huge and double bass player Adrian Stout, Jacques plays accordion and sings savage and passionate songs about prostitutes, drug addicts and Bible. The music is a mixture of opera, gypsy song and old French songs. They play all over the world and were nominated for Grammy award with They Gorey End, for Best Classical Crossover Album.



Sara Teneberg-Bialas i Karsten TroykeSara Teneberg-Bialas i Karsten Troyke

Fugitive from Gross Rosen. When she was 13 years old she was taken to one of the German concentration camps. While she was in the camp, the only thing she remembers are Jewish songs. In 1980, she met German actor Karsten Troyke and taught him songs in Yiddish. Since then they travel around Europe, teach and sing.



150_trzaskaMikołaj Trzaska

He starts to learn how to play alto saxophone, all by himself. He joined bass guitarist Tymon Tymańskis group. In 1992 the creator of a group called “LOVE”. Since then an important member of polish jazz scene. Composer of soundtracks.